jet DT generator plasma


Members of the fusion neutronics group:
Dr. Igor Lengar, head
Dr. Aljaz Čufar
Dr. Klemen Ambrožič
Domen Kotnik
Julijan Peric
Ylenia Kogovšek Žiber

Main topics in fusion:
-       Neutron transport calculations for fusion reactors.
-       Water activation.
-       Nuclear heating.
-       Delayed gama ray modellling.
-       Bateman equation solving.
-       Plasma physics.

We have an intensive collaboration with JET – Joint European Torus (UK), the largest fusion reactor in the world, especially in the field of neutron transport calculations. The reactor physics members have been continuously collaborating on large projects within the lead topic of neutron transport calculations and modelling of the response of neutron detectors with the Monte Carlo method since 2006, and staff is co-responsible for the maintenance of the JET model for neutron/gamma transport calculations, which through the years has been upgraded and expanded

Our group was the first to successfully apply state-of-the-art hybrid (deterministic/Monte Carlo) transport methods, i.e. the ADVANTG code, to this complex streaming full scale fusion experiment.

The research fields are strongly linked to fusion reactor benchmarks, nuclear heating, water activation loop in research reactors.

In 2024, JSI commissioned the KATANA water activation loop in the hall of the TRIGA Mark II nuclear reactor.

Some references

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