The F8 department as your Business Partner

We can offer:

- Reactor calculations for power, experimental and fusion reactors.
- Sensitivity studies.
- Gamma spectroscopy analysis in our laboratory.
- Neutron dosimetry, spectrometry and radiography.  (currently unavailable)
  More about Neutron dosimetry, spectrometry and radiography (in Slovene).
- Education and training.

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Laboratory, experimental equipments:

- Gamma spectroscopy laboratory.
- Plasma laboratory.
- 2 laboratory microscopes with AF system and CCD cameras: (it was used for advanced automatic track evaluation.)
- Experimental TRIGA reactor.


At the Reactor Physics Division we have successfully carried out measurements of the axial power distributions through measurements of the 197Au(n,g)198Au reaction rate in several positions in the core of the JSI TRIGA reactor. Special aluminium probes were used, which we developed ourselves, into which 5 mm long Al-0.1% Au wires are inserted. The distributions were measured with 1 cm resolution.

Al sonde Al sonde
Small containers Al probes Al probes

Graphs of axial power distributions


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Reactor physics department is located at
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Luka Snoj.