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Reactor physics

Main topics in reactor physics:
-        Development of new methods for the analysis of research and power reactors.
-        Neutron transport calculations for fusion reactors.
-        Nuclear data, validation of nuclear data  and sensitivity analysis.
-        Experimental reactor physics.

Development of new methods for the analysis of research and power reactors

We work on nuclear transport calculations, advanced nodal methods, pin cell and fuel element homogenisation and on methods aimed at precise power distribution reconstruction. Several program packages for reactor calculations both for our TRIGA research reactor and Krško nuclear power plant were developed at our department.(See also Program developed at reactor physics department.)

Neutron transport calculations for fusion reactors

We have collaboration with JET – Joint European Torus, the largest fusion reactor in the world. Co-workers of the Reactor physics division have performed longer visits to JET in order to make calculations of the response of the in-vessel neutron detector and in this way improved its calibration. The work was necessary after the change of the torus first wall to beryllium in view of the change in the neutron field. The IJS staff is co-responsible for the maintenance of the JET model for transport calculations with the Monte Carlo method and our model was expanded in order to cover the whole torus. The new model can be used also for point sources and is applicable for calibration purposes.

We collaborate also on the project of neutron detector calibration. Our work was devoted especially to the remote handling system and the analyses of its influence on the calibration of neutron detectors.

Nuclear data, validation of nu clear data nd sensitivity analysis

Through international collaboration we working on nuclear data evaluation. Evaluations for six materials were accepted into the latest US evaluated nuclear data library ENDF/B-VII.1 and ENDF/B-VIII.

Experimental reactor physics

We perform experiments on TRIGA research reactor and mesurements at Nuclear power plant Krško. In 2011 with colleagues from CEA-Cadarache a series of measurements was performed on the TRIGA reactor. The spatial distribution of the fission reaction rate in the core was accurately measured. New neutron dosimeters and self-powered detectors were tested. The results will serve for the validation and improvement of computational models and the improvement of the accuracy of the absolute power calibration in the TRIGA reactor.

Some references

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See also annual reports and computer programs developed at our department.


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