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JSI-CEA collaboration project: Epithermal neutron flux determination and validation of nuclear cross-sections and through activation measurements employing neutron spectrum filters
-    Identification of combinations nuclear reactions and neutron spectrum filters (boron nitride, natural and enriched boron carbide) with a sensitivity in the epithermal energy range of the neutron spectrum.
-    Experimental measurements of the reaction rates at the JSI TRIGA reactor
-    Feedback information on the suitability of the reaction-filter combinations, dosimetry nuclear data validation
-    Radulović, V., Trkov, A., Jaćimović, R., Gregoire, G., Destouches, C., Use of boron nitride for neutron spectrum characterization and cross-section validation in the epithermal range through integral activation measurements, Nucl. Inst. Meth. A, 840, 5-14, 2016.

NATO SPS project: E-SiCure - Engineering silicon carbide for enhanced borders and ports security
Main objective: combine theoretical, experimental and applied research towards the development of radiation-hard SiC-based detectors of special nuclear materials (SNM). This will be achieved through material manipulation processes in order to control defects responsible for detection efficiency limitations.
-    Pastuović, Ž., Siegele, R., Capan, I., Brodar, T., Sato, S., Ohshima, T., Deep level defects in 4H-SiC introduced by ion implantation: the role of single ion regime, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Volume 29, 2017.


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